Some Nights I Rule The World.
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The first time I see Love
she is on the swingset with skinned knees
rusty chain in hand, glass in her feet
she says,
“I hurt so much,
I am the ugliest thing you’ll meet.”

When I see Love next
She’s kneeling in an empty parking lot
stolen rings on…

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Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it. —Vincent van Gogh (via liberatingreality)

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this is my new fave thing

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Disney Series by UntamedUnwanted
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As you get older you collect a large number of strangers that used to be friends.
As you get older you start to recognize the patterns and your heart aches for those you see drifting away beyond your grasp.
Some days, in your memories, you remember every smile and every confession that you shared.
Some days, when the fog is heavy or the mist is neverending, you miss them the most. —Unknown (via arkitextura)

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Heather Theurer

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I am laughing so hard at this gif that I made I have officially lost my mind

I have to reblog this because I just about choked with laughter, my face hurts

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we were the kids who screamed "we weren't the same"
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